Biology Research Internship Program (BISP 197)

The Biology Research Internship Program is a partnership between UC San Diego Biological Sciences, Academic Internship Program and The Scripps Research Institute. This program provides opportunities for students to gain BISP 197 credit for internships in approved labs at The Scripps Research Institute.

Why BISP 197?

Through BISP 197 internships, students will:

  • Participate in the design of a project
  • Acquire data analysis experience
  • Engage in an individual research project
  • Practice essential lab techniques

UCSD students can apply directly to open labs with postings that specify BISP 197 enrollment in InternLink. All students must meet AIP requirements to be eligible for BISP 197.

For more information, please make an appointment with the BISP 197 internship counselor by contacting, or visit the Division of Biological Sciences BISP 197 website.  

BISP 197 Student Spotlight:

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Interested in BISP 197?

Contact Jillian Payne for more information.