UC Center Sacramento

If you are interested in public policy or journalism in California, consider UCCS as your opportunity to combine coursework and professional experience while living, interning, and attending classes in Sacramento.
UCCS is available year-round and is open to all majors!

Public Policy Program:

This program is offered every quarter, including summer. Gain first-hand knowledge of California's public policy challenges and processes. 

Coursework & Internships (up to 16 quarter units):

Political Science 192: Political Science Internship (mandatory, 10 units, P/NP):
Combine research with professional experience!
Complete a public policy research paper and intern for 24 hours/ week supporting the policy making process in a variety of fields:

State Government
Local government

State agencies


Political Science 195: The California Policy Seminar (mandatory, 4 units, letter grade): 
Learn about the state's political processes, institutions, and policy challenges.

Political Science 193 (optional, 2 units, letter grade): 
Supervised preparation of an extensive paper relating internship experience to concepts, literature, and theory of political science.

For more information, visit the UC Center Sacramento's website.

Journalism Program - Summer Only

The UCCS Journalism Program is offered during summer only.
Students gain the skills of a seasoned reporter by interning for 24-40 hours/ week at media organizations that report on California government and politics.

Special Benefits:

  • Gain the skills and techniques necessary to write insightful and provocative stories
  • Opportunities to publish your work
  • Experience an intense, two-week reporter’s “boot camp"
  • Media credentials from the governor’s office and the Legislature
  • Academic credit that can be used toward graduation

Coursework & Internships (9 quarter units)

  • Journalism 298: Journalism & Public Affairs(6 quarter units): This is a two-part course offered through UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism that consists of the following:
    • An intensive two-week summer "boot camp" where students learn what it takes to be a journalist. Find a sample schedule:
    • A seminar series that runs throughout the program where students can network with news organizations that cover local and statewide politics. Topics include source development, ethics, computer-assisted research, interview techniques/rules of engagement and more
  • Journalism 197: Internship (3 quarter units): Complete an internship of 24-40 hours/ week. Internship placements are tailored to students’ interests, skills and background. Internship sites include:
Ventura County Star Riverside Press Enterprise California Health Report
Eastern Group Publications of Los Angeles voiceofsandiego.org La Opinion
Sacramento Press The Sacramento Observer Capital Public Radio
New America Media KCRA-TV KQED Radio
California Progress Report California Watch Cal Buzz Political Blog

For more information, visit the UC Center Sacramento's website.



  • Upper division standing (90 units)
  • 3.0 GPA or above preferred

Application Deadlines

Application Form

Once you have completed your application, submit it to the UCCS Campus Representative in the AIP Office, Literature Building Room 210.