The UCSD Experiential Learning Consortium

While AIP offers a range of credit-bearing courses under the umbrella of experiential education, there are many different types of experiential learning programs on the UC San Diego campus. The Experiential  Learning Consortium is a collaborative effort between a variety of programs, from both academic and student affairs, to define and identify experiential learning opportunities at UC San Diego.


The UC San Diego Experiential Learning Consortium is committed to providing and  promoting opportunities  for students to “learn by doing”, through intentional experiences such as internships, mentored research, service learning, leadership training, study abroad, and other networks  for hands-on learning.


  • Increase awareness of and involvement with experiential learning opportunities among UC San Diego students, faculty and staff, and facilitate access for students wishing to participate.
  • Share information and best practices across campus programs and departments offering experiential learning.
  • Create a forum for collaboration and partnership among University programs and departments.
  • Promote experiential learning as a method of building upon traditional classroom learning to prepare students to become aware and involved scholars, citizens and professionals.

Experiential Learning  Portal

Visit the REAL Portal (Research Experience & Applied Learning Portal)  for  research, internships, service learning, entrepreneurial, leadership, and other co-curricular opportunities for students. 

For more information on the UCSD Experiential Learning Consortium, or to be added to our listserv, contact Tricia Taylor Oliveira at

More Experiential Learning at UCSD

UCSD Education Initiative

A campus-wide effort aimed at integrating high impact learning practices, including experiential learning, into UCSD's educational practices.  For updates, information on committees, and upcoming events, visit the Academic Affairs website here: