The AIP Team

  • Tricia Taylor-Oliveira, Director

    Tricia Taylor-Oliveira, Director

    Tricia Taylor Oliveira is Director of the Academic Internship Program at UC San Diego. Tricia manages the development of AIP’s partnerships with faculty, departments, and community organizations, and advises students seeking opportunities to connect their studies with real-world experience. Having benefitted from her own  internship experiences, she enjoys empowering students to take ownership of their own development and experience the personal, professional and academic value of engaging in hands-on learning.  Tricia earned her M.A. in Counseling from the University of San Diego, and joined AIP in 2002 after working with the Center for Creative Leadership in La Jolla. 

    Contact Tricia at (858) 534-7892 or

  • Daniel Carrillo, Senior Internship Counselor and UCDC Coordinator

    Daniel Carrillo, Senior Internship Counselor and UCDC Coordinator

    Daniel has over 10 years of experience in higher education and joined AIP in 2015. Previously, Daniel worked with Jumpstart at the University of Washington, and with the Education Studies department at UC San Diego. Daniel is an advocate of experiential learning opportunities and is passionate about working with underrepresented communities. 

    Contact Daniel at (858) 534-4366 or

  • Jillian Payne, Internship Counselor

    Jillian Payne, Internship Counselor

    Jillian completed her M.A. in Higher Education Leadership at the University of San Diego prior to starting her positon with AIP. Along with her degree, she brings experience in Career Services, Human Resources, and Student Success Initiatives to the AIP team. Jillian is passionate about advising students and encouraging exploration of interests through internships and student involvement. Outside of the AIP office she enjoys rock climbing, cheering on her favorite football teams, and exploring the San Diego food scene with her friends.

    Contact Jillian at (858) 822-3862 or