Organizations below marked with an (*) asterisk have paid internships

Government Branches Government Agencies

American Folklife Center 
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute 
Congressional Internships 
Congressional Research Service 
House of Representatives 
Native American Congressional Internships
Senators Offices 
The Supreme Court 
The White House Internship Program

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms*   
Environmental Protection Agency*
Federal Communications Commission 
Government of Washington, D.C.*
Index of Federal Departments and Agencies
National Security Agency
Secret Service 
Securities and Exchange Commission 
U.S. Agency for International Development
Government Departments General Search
State Department
Department of Agriculture*
Department of Commerce*
Department of Education
Department of Energy -
Office of Science
Department of Housing &
Urban Development
Department of Health and
Human Services

Department of the Interior*
Department of Justice 
Department of Labor 
Index of Federal Departments
and Agencies
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