Course assignments for AIP 197

Current AIP Students:

Please refer to your AIP 97/197 syllabus on Canvas.

All students enrolled in AIP 97/197 must adhere to the requirements laid out in the AIP 97/197 Syllabus. A general overview of requirements is provided below.

Research paper/ project

The AIP research component is a critical part of the AIP experience that requires you to integrate the internship with your academic studies. All research papers must contain substantive academic content with a strong analytical focus. Papers must be on a topic related to the industry. The research paper is written independently under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

Faculty advisor:

All students are required to find a faculty advisor and complete a Learning Agreement Form proposing the paper/project topic prior to starting the internship.

Helpful resources for your research paper/ project:

Internship hours

Internship Hours Update:

Starting Spring 2020, AIP is requiring ALL internships to be conducted remotely for the forseeable future. View the COVID-19 Support Page for more information.

All internships should last the entire duration of the 10-week quarter, and all hours must be completed within the quarter.

  • 2 units: 5 hours/week (50 total)
  • 4 units: 10 hours/week (100 total)
  • 6 units: 15 hours/week (150 total) 
  • 8 units: 20 hours/week (200 total) 
  • 10 units: 25 hours/week (250 total) 
  • 12 units: 30 hours/week (300 total) 

Please note: *Options for AIP 97 (Lower Division) are 2 or 4 units only.

Tracking hours:

Track internship hours on a weekly basis using the "Track Hours" tool in InternLink.

Reflection assignments

Reflection is essential to the experiential learning process. Several reflection assignments are incorporated into the AIP course.

Supervisor evaluation

Your internship supervisor will be asked to complete an online evaluation of your internship performance via InternLink. AIP highly recommends that you ask you supervisor to share his/her feedback with you prior to the end of the internship. The supervisor evaluation:
  • Verifies that you completed your required internship hours
  • Provides feedback on your internship performance

Academic integrity

All suspicions of academic misconduct will be reported to the Academic Integrity Office according to university policy. Those students found to have violated the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship will face administrative sanctions imposed by their college Dean of Student Affairs and academic sanctions imposed by AIP. Administrative sanctions can range from disciplinary probation to suspension and dismissal from the university; those are not at the AIP's discretion. Academic sanctions can range from an NP on the assignment to an NP in the class.