AIP Faculty Advisory Board


The AIP Faculty Advisory Board provides academic oversight for AIP 197 as well as insight into the mission, vision, and strategic planning of the overall program.


  • To ensure the highest level of academic integrity for AIP courses by maintaining Academic Senate standards for academic research
  • To make critical decisions about what constitutes an academic internship experience and the particular policies and procedures needed to ensure that these decisions are upheld by students, faculty, and partner organizations
  • To develop and employ quality control measures capable of assessing and evaluating internships as a mode of academic learning

2016 - 2017 Faculty Advisory Board

Chris Armour, Biology

Pedro Cabrales Arevalo, Bioengineering

Gail Heyman, Psychology

Brett Stalbaum, Visual Arts

Gabriella Wienhausen, Teaching and Learning Commons

Tricia Taylor-Oliveira, AIP Director