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Application, Schedule, and Costs


Students must meet the following eligibility requirements ideally by the time of application, but no later than the beginning of the quarter before the intended UCDC quarter (i.e. applicants for Spring quarter must meet the requirements by the start of Winter quarter):

  • 90 units
  • At least 2 upper-division courses
  • 2.5 GPA (3.0 and higher preferred)

How to Apply

Apply to UCDC online at http://sis.ucdc.edu.

After creating a profile, upload the following materials:

Applicants must also submit two letters of recommendation to the AIP Office (Literature Building, Room 210, Mail Code 0442). See our guidelines for letters of recommendation. Both letters should be from someone who knows you academically or professionally (professor, TA, employer, internship supervisor, volunteer coordinator, etc.). While we prefer a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, it is not required. Please keep in mind that some internship organizations ask you to submit a letter of recommendation from a professor as part of their internship application.

Quarterly Schedule Spring 2015- Winter 2016

Spring 2015 Summer 2015* Fall 2015 Winter 2016
Application Deadline CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED Accepting on a rolling basis
Arrival Mar 22/23, 2015 June 13/14, 2015 Aug 23/24, Sept 8, or Sept 20/21, 2015 Jan 2/3, 2016
Residential & Academic Orientation Mar 23 June 14 Aug 24, Sept 8, or Sept 21 Jan 3
Classes Begin Mar 24 June 22 Sept 22 Jan 5
Classes End June 5 Aug 14 Dec 11 Mar 11
Students Depart June 6 Aug 22 Dec 12 Mar 12

*Students are not required to enroll in classes for the summer term.

Program Cost 

Tuition and registration fees are the same as for a quarter on campus, but the cost of living in Washington,DC may be higher. All apartments at the UC Washington Center come with fully equipped kitchens, and students are responsible for all meal and food costs. Students are also responsible for round trip airfare, local transportation costs, sightseeing activities, books, professional clothing, and other personal expenses. Estimated expenses for UCDC range from $9,500 - 12,000. Please refer to the UCDC Estimated Budget for a breakdown of expenses.

Financial Aid does apply to UCDC! All accepted participants' names, along with the estimated budget, are submitted to the Financial Aid Office. Students can meet with the Financial Aid Office to discuss adjustment of their awards due to differences in living expenses. Additional scholarships, such as the Robert Matsui Fellowship and the Science Policy Fellowship, may also be available.

Application Deadlines

  • Winter 2016: Accepting on a rolling basis


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