Biology Research Internship Program (BISP 197)

The Biology Research Internship Program is a partnership between UC San Diego Biological Sciences, Academic Internship Program, and off-campus research partners. This program provides opportunities for students to gain BISP 197 credit for internships in approved labs through AIP.

Through BISP 197 internships, students will:

  • Participate in the design of a project
  • Acquire data analysis experience
  • Engage in an individual research project
  • Practice essential lab techniques
  • Present their learning in the form of a paper, presentation, or report to their lab

Interested in BISP 197?

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All students must meet AIP requirements to be eligible for BISP 197:

  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative UC GPA
  • Minimum of 90 units completed

How to Apply

Use AIP resources to secure an internship

  • UCSD students can apply directly to open labs with postings that specify BISP 197 enrollment in InternLink.
  • It is highly recommended that prior to applying, students meet with the BISP 197 Internship Counselor to discover which internships may best fit the student's professional goals.
  • After securing an internship, students must complete the AIP Learning Agreement.



Apply to earn credit for an internship found on your own

  • All internships need to be pre-approved by AIP before moving forward with the BISP 197 Learning Agreement.
  • If you have found an internship outside of AIP and you would like to see if it is eligible for BISP 197, please complete your Learning Agreement on InternLink.
  • An AIP counselor will review your form using the Division of Biological Sciences Internship Guidelines to determine whether the opportunity meets our criteria.

Please visit the Division of Biological Sciences: BISP 197 website for more information about how to appy and enroll in BISP 197.

Application Timeline

Current BISP 197 Students

  • Students currently enrolled in BISP 197 may apply and earn credit up to three times in BISP 197.
  • If students plan to enroll in BISP 197 for additional quarters, a new Learning Agreement needs to be submitted before the posted BISP 197 deadlines. There will be NO exceptions if the Learning Agreement is submitted past the deadline.
  • Learning Agreements need to reflect new learning objectives and responsibilities and should not be the same as that of the previous quarter.

Questions? Contact us through the VAC.