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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can no longer supervise the student?

Please contact the AIP office at as soon as possible so that we can update your company listing appropriately.

Am I required to pay the intern?

We accept and encourage paid internships but allow unpaid internships as long as they comply with the criteria stipulated by the Federal Division of Labor.

What do I do if I want the intern to continue the internship?

Have your intern contact the AIP office as soon as possible to complete a new Learning Agreement. Please be aware however, that interns are permitted to work no more than two quarters in the same department or organization and that the job duties of the intern must qualitatively change from the previous quarter. 

What happens in the event of personal loss or injury?

The University, its officers, employees, agents and students are not liable for any injury, property damage, or loss which may be suffered or caused by the student interning with your organization. 

What if we want the intern to start earlier or later than the UC San Diego quarter?

Interns receive academic credit for this internship, therefore, the internship dates must fall within the dates of the UC San Diego quarter. For information on specific dates please visit the Current Deadlines page.

How do I update my company information in your database?

If you have been in regular contact with a particular AIP counselor, please contact her via e-mail indicating the changes to your company information. Otherwise, send an e-mail to

What if the intern does not successfully complete the internship?

Notify the AIP office as soon as possible.