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AIP Advising

The Academic Internship Program team is dedicated to helping you navigate opportunities to engage in internships and experiential learning. Advising with AIP staff and Peer Advisors will be offered in-person or remotely via Zoom for both scheduled and drop-in appointments. Please read below for more information about our services and the various ways you can connect with us.

Connect with AIP Staff Virtually or In-Person! 


Send us a Virtual Advising Center (VAC) Message

To Ask a Question:

Current UC San Diego students can send questions to AIP via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).The VAC is AIP's primary method of addressing student inquiries.

  • Log into the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) 
  • Select Academic Internship Program as the department
  • Select the appropriate reason for your inquiry from the drop-down menu and submit your question

Attend Drop-in Advising

Summer 2023

Summer AIP advising is by appointment. Please send a message to the Virtual Advising Center to request an appointment, and you will receive a link to schedule with the AIP Counselor for your major or program. Please note if you would like to meet about one of our special programs, such as UCDC.

Fall 2023

AIP will hold special enrollment drop-in hours to assist students with the process of Fall enrollment. Regularly scheduled Fall drop-in advising hours are coming soon!

Special Fall Enrollment Drop-ins

  • Welcome Week drop-in hours are intended to support students who have submitted Learning Agreements and are in the process of enrolling for Fall quarter AIP, or applying for Winter quarter UCDC.
  • For general advising on AIP or UCDC opportunities, please schedule an appointment or attend drop-in hours beginning in October.

All students taking advantage of the extended Fall deadlines should review the guidelines on our fall drop-in page prior to attending advising.

Monday, September 25 (Remote only)
3:30-4:30 pm
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 164 933 246

Thursday, September 28 (Remote or In-Person)
2:00-4:00 pm

via Zoom:
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 164 933 246

Teaching and Learning Commons
Geisel Library, Lower Level (1st Floor), west wing

Schedule an Appointment

To Schedule an Appointment:

Undergraduate students may send AIP a message via the Virtual Advising Center to request a 1:1 appointment with an AIP Counselor or Peer Advisor. Each AIP Counselor specializes in working with students and internships related to particular majors and programs. 

  • Send a message through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) (select Academic Internship Program as the department)
  • Indicate that you would like to meet with an AIP Counselor or Peer Advisor. If you have questions related to a specific program (i.e.,UCDC, BISP 197, etc), include that in your message.
  • AIP will reply with a link to the booking calendar for the appropriate AIP Counselor. Use the link to select an available appointment time.
  • Appointments will be conducted via Zoom.

Prior to attending your appointment, please review the general program overview and application information for the relevant program on our website so we can address any questions you may have.

Events, Workshops, and More

Google Calendar:

Use our Google Calendar to view upcoming AIP workshops, events, Drop-in Hours, and deadlines. You can add the AIP google calendar to your google account to stay up-to-date on deadlines, events, and drop-in advising hours.

Access the AIP/UCDC Calendar

About Remote Advising:

By participating in an online appointment, individuals in proximity to you and/or the advisor may have the ability to see or hear information that is shared while the appointment is taking place.

We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for an optimal advising experience. The AIP Advisor/Peer Advisor may be sharing websites and documents that can be difficult to view on a cell phone or tablet. If you do not have access to a personal computer, please email us to schedule a phone appointment with you. We also encourage you to view resources that may be available to you on

The ability to participate in an online advising appointment requires you to use Zoom. Zoom allows for video, audio, and screen sharing between participants. It can be used from any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, and it works on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Please see more information on how to get started with Zoom.