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AIP Faculty Advisory Board


The AIP Faculty Advisory Board provides academic oversight for Academic Internship Program courses as well as insight into the mission, vision, and strategic planning of the overall program.


  • To ensure the highest level of academic integrity for AIP courses
  • To make critical decisions about what constitutes an academic internship experience and the particular policies and procedures needed to ensure that these decisions are upheld by students, faculty, and partner organizations
  • To develop and employ quality control measures capable of assessing and evaluating internships as a mode of academic learning
  • To advocate for AIP programs and services

2022-2023 Faculty Advisory Board

On Amir, Rady School of Business

Camille Forbes, Literature

Maziar Ghazinejad, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Ashley Juavinett, Neurobiology

Vanessa Ribas, Sociology 

Valerie Schmidt, Chemistry


David Ruiter,Teaching and Learning Commons Faculty Director (ex officio)

Tricia Taylor-Oliveira, AIP Staff Director (ex officio)