Due to evolving University measures focused on ensuring campus safety, the Academic Internship Program office in the Teaching + Learning Commons is currently closed. The AIP team is working remotely, and are available via the VAC or email at aipinfo@ucsd.edu.

Please see the COVID-19 Support Page for more information.

Apply for AIP

The AIP team provides resources and support throughout your application and internship process, and participating students enroll to earn credit for academic internships. Apply the quarter prior to your internship, or sooner, and complete all steps below by the date indicated under Deadlines.



AIP participants will enroll in our special studies course, AIP 97 or AIP 197. You must meet the following miminum eligibility requirements in order to enroll in AIP:

→ AIP 97 (Lower Division): 30 Units Completed; 3.0 UC GPA

→ AIP 197 (Upper Division): 90 Units Completed; 2.5 UC GPA

→ Completed at least one full-time quarter at a UC

Visiting EAP exchange students may contact AIP to request an exception.

Start early!

It can take 4-6 weeks, or longer, to secure an internship and complete the enrollment process. View our suggested internship timeline on our Deadlines page to help you decide when to begin.

Applying for the Biology Research Internship Program (BISP 197)?

The application process for the Biology Research Internship Program, or BISP 197, is different from applying for AIP. Visit the BISP 197 Program page for more details.


Application process

1. Find an internship, or request credit for one you have secured

Use AIP resources to secure an internship

  • Search and apply for academic internship opportunities through AIP’s internship database, InternLink.
  • Meet with the AIP counselor for your major to discuss your internship goals and search process, including how to pursue opportunities outside the InternLink database. Contact us to schedule an appointment.
  • For tips on the internship search, see our Finding an Internship page.


Apply to earn credit for an internship found on your own

  • Credit-bearing internships must meet AIP’s Internship GuidelinesAn AIP counselor will review your Learning Agreement to determine whether the internship meets these guidelines and notify you via email.
  • It takes approximately one week for AIP to review internships not currently in the AIP database. Approval may be delayed if we have difficulty reaching the internship site and/or it is unclear whether the opportunity meets our Internship Guidelines.


If you are having difficulty securing an internship, contact AIP for assistance. Don't wait until the last minute!

2A. Complete and Submit a Learning Agreement via InternLink

Submit your Learning Agreement in InternLink by the posted deadline.

Create a Learning Agreement in InternLink.

  • Log into InternLink and use the homepage shortcut or Account tab to access the Learning Agreement form. (Click "Add New Experience".)
  • Provide all requested details on the internship, including supervisor contact information.
  • Indicate your top three Learning Objectives for the quarter.
  • Once complete, click "Submit".
  • If approved by AIP, an email will be sent to the internship site supervisor requesting approval of the Learning Agreement.


You can complete your Learning Agreement and find a Faculty Advisor concurrently

2B. Find a Faculty Advisor

Every student participating in AIP 97/197 works with a faculty advisor to develop a research paper or project relevant to the internship experience. See our Finding a Faculty Advisor Guide (PDF) for advice on approaching faculty to serve in this role.


You must have both an internship and a faculty advisor secured to participate in AIP, so we strongly recommend contacting faculty concurrently with your internship search. Specific majors work with an assigned faculty advisor, and may contact AIP for faculty advisor information.

3. Determine your Research Paper/Project Topic with your Faculty Advisor

Meet with your Faculty Advisor

  • Discuss your research paper/project topic with your Faculty Advisor before submitting your EASy Request (See step 5).
  • Make a plan with them regarding how you will connect over the course of the quarter, including how often.

4. Submit your Academic Internship enrollment request via the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy)

5. Ensure you're enrolled in AIP 97/197

Once your EASy request is approved, you will be enrolled in our special studies course, AIP 97 (Lower-Division) or AIP 197 (Upper-Division). Check your enrollment to ensure you are enrolled in the right course.


Students in designated majors or special programs may enroll in an internship course other than AIP 97/197. See Earning Credit for exceptions that apply to you.

International Students Applying for Work Authorization (CPT):

Some international students are required to request Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Academic Training, which must be approved prior to beginning an internship. These requests are submitted after students have completed the entire AIP enrollment process, and can take about 2 weeks to process. Students requiring CPT or Academic Training should plan accordingly, and submit Learning Agreements and enrollment requests in advance of AIP’s deadlines.