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Apply for AIP 97/AIP 197/AIP 197P

The AIP team provides resources and support throughout your application and internship process, and participating students enroll to earn credit for academic internships. Apply the quarter prior to your internship, or sooner, and complete all steps below by the deadlines listed below. 

AIP Informational Flyer

Before You Apply

Know your Unit Options & Eligibility

AIP Course and Unit Options 

AIP 97 (Lower-division)

Eligibility: 30 units complete, 3.0 UC GPA

Unit Options/Required Hours**:

  • 2 units: 5 hrs/wk (50 total)
  • 4 units: 10 hrs/wk (100 total)

 AIP 197 (Upper-division) 

Eligibility*: 90 units complete, 2.5 UC GPA

Unit Options/Required Hours**:

  • 2 units: 5 hrs/wk (50 total)
  • 4 units: 10 hrs/wk (100 total)
  • 6 units: 15 hrs/wk (150 total)
  • 8 units: 20 hrs/wk (200 total)
  • 10 units 25 hrs/wk (250 total)
  • 12 units 30 hrs/wk (300 total)

AIP 197P (Public Service Internship)

Eligibility*: 90 units complete, 2.5 UC GPA

Unit Options/Required Hours**:

  • 4 units: 10 hrs/wk (100 total)
  • 8 units: 20 hrs/wk (200 total)
  • 12 units 30 hrs/wk (300 total)


*Not eligible yet? Talk with us about how you can prepare to engage in internship opportunities.

**Hours listed reflect the minimum hours required for the unit option elected, and assume participation of the entirety of a 10-week quarter.

Know the Deadlines

AIP 97/AIP 197/AIP 197P Quarterly Deadlines

Note: Deadlines differ for special programs, including BISP 197 and UCDC

Fall 2022 Internships

Internship Dates: Sept. 26-Dec.2
Learning Agreement Due: Sept. 9, 2022
EASy Request Due: Sept. 16, 2022
AIP Enrollment Drop-in HoursSept. 27 11am-2pm & Sept. 29 9am-3pm

Winter 2023 Internships

Internship Dates: Jan. 9-Mar. 17
Learning Agreement Due: Dec. 2, 2022
EASy Request Due: Dec. 9, 2022
AIP Enrollment Drop-in HoursJan. 10 1pm-2:30 pm & Jan. 12 9am-11am

Spring 2023 Internships

Internship Dates: Apr. 3-Jun. 9
Learning Agreement Due: March 17, 2023
EASy Request Due: March 24, 2023

Summer 2023 Internships*

Internship Dates: Jul. 3-Sept. 8 (Summer Session III)
Learning Agreement Due: June 9, 2023
EASy Request Due: June 16, 2023

*See Summer Session website for Summer Session fees and payment deadlines

Know the Requirements

Visit our AIP 97/AIP197/AIP 197P Program page for an overview of AIP courses and requirements. Prior to enrolling in an internship course, students must:

Students enrolled in an internship course will:

  • Commit to completing a minimum number of internship hours aligned with the unit option selected
  • Independently complete a final deliverable (paper, project, or presentation) under the direction of a UC San Diego Faculty Advisor that demonstrates learning from the internship
  • Engage in reflection activities facilitated by the AIP team

Enrolled students may access the course syllabus and assignments via the AIP Canvas course.

AIP 97/197/197P Application Process 

Complete the application and enrollment process below after you have secured an internship. In addition to the internship itself, enrolled students develop a final deliverable in the form of a paper or project developed independently under the guidance of a UC San Diego Faculty Advisor.

1. Submit a Learning Agreement

Submit a Learning Agreement via InternLink by the posted deadline


 How do I submit a Learning Agreement to AIP?

  • Gather needed information about your internship, including dates, planned schedule, and contact information for your supervisor. Be prepared to describe the nature of the internship role and projects, as well as the training and mentorship you will receive.
  • Log into InternLink ( and navigate to the Learning Agreement form. Click "Add New Experience."
  • Fill out the form as completely as possible.
  • If you are still in the process of identifying a Faculty Advisor, you may submit the Learning Agreement with that field blank.

What is the Learning Agreement for?

  • The Learning Agreement ensures all parties (student, internship host, University) agree upon the details and learning goals for the internship. 
  • AIP uses the Learning Agreement to determine whether an internship qualifies for academic credit and to document internship participation.

What happens after I submit a Learning Agreement?

  • AIP reviews the Learning Agreement to determine whether an internship meets the criteria for academic credit.
  • Learning Agreements approved by AIP will be routed to the Internship Supervisor for their approval.
  • Once the internship has been approved via the Learning Agreement, you may request enrollment in an AIP course.

2. Connect with your Faculty Advisor

Connect with your Faculty Advisor

Every student participating in AIP 97/197 works with a faculty advisor to develop a research paper or project relevant to the internship experience. See our Finding a Faculty Advisor Guide (PDF) for advice on approaching faculty to serve in this role.

Faculty who have questions about the AIP Faculty Advisor role can consult our Faculty Advisor web page, and/or reach out to AIP team.

3. Submit an Enrollment Request

Submit an enrollment request to Academic Internship Program via the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy) by the posted deadline


  • Download a PDF file of your approved Learning Agreement from InternLink
  • Log into the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy), and start an Academic Internship request, indicating the course and units you are requesting
  • Attach your Learning Agreement
  • Indicate the proposed AIP paper or project agreed upon with the Faculty Advisor under Topic
  • The request will be routed to AIP and your Faculty Advisor for approval, then to the Registrar's office to process your enrollment.

View our How to Submit an EASy Request (PDF) tutorial to help you get started.

Application Support

Have questions about the AIP application process, or identifying internship opportunities? Visit our Advising page for information on how to connect with an AIP Counselor or Peer Advisor.

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