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Biology Research Internship Program (BISP 197)

The Biology Research Internship Program is a partnership between UC San Diego Biological Sciences, Academic Internship Program, and off-campus research institutes. This program provides opportunities for students to earn Biology credit for internships in approved labs by enrolling in BISP 197.

Through BISP 197 internships, students will:

  • Participate in the design of a project
  • Acquire data analysis experience
  • Engage in an individual research project
  • Practice essential lab techniques
  • Present their learning in the form of a paper, presentation, or report to their lab

Interested in Learning About BISP 197?

Current Opportunities

Log into InternLink using your UC San Diego Single Sign On to access. Note that many of these are ongoing opportunities, and do not be deterred by older post dates.

Submitting an EASy Request for BISP 197

Please refer to the following instructions to submit an EASy request after a fully approved learning agreement. 

How many times can a student enroll in BISP 197?

  • Students may earn credit up to three times in BISP 197.
  • If students plan to enroll in BISP 197 for additional quarters, a new Learning Agreement needs to be submitted before the posted BISP 197 deadlines. There will be NO exceptions if the Learning Agreement is submitted past the deadline.
  • Learning Agreements need to reflect new learning objectives and responsibilities and should not be the same as that of the previous quarter.

Questions? Contact us through the VAC