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Finding an Internship

Search AIP’s InternLink database

Search InternLink, AIP’s internship database for pre-approved opportunities.

  • Focus your search by using filters and/or trying different keyword searches.
  • Read internship descriptions closely, and follow instructions on required application documents and procedures.

Meet with an AIP counselor

Not sure where to start, or having trouble with your internship search? Make an appointment with the AIP Counselor for your major to discuss your internship goals and options.  We will help you find leads and prepare for your search.

Expand your search

You also have the option of securing an internship outside of AIP. Take advantage of available resources including: 


Credit-bearing internships must meet AIP’s Internship GuidelinesAn AIP counselor will review your Learning Agreement to determine whether the internship meets these guidelines and notify you via email.

How to Apply for Internships

  1. Develop your resume and cover letter(s). Customize your cover letter for each position.
  2. Follow up with employers about a week after sending your applications if you haven’t gotten a response. Your AIP counselor can provide contact information for internships in InternLink.
  3. Interview with potential internship sites.  Be prepared to talk about your interest in the opportunity, and your relevant skills and experience. Have your own questions ready, too!
  4. Send a thank you note to interviewers. Don't neglect this opportunity to make a positive impression! 
  5. Accept an internship! If you are having difficulty securing an internship, contact your AIP counselor for help. 

Remote internships

Navigating Virtual Internships

View our Navigating Virtual Internships presentation to help you get started with pursuing remote internship opportunities.

Resumes, cover letters and more