UCDC Internships


Internship Application Support

UCDC Staff are available to help you with the process of finding an internship in Washington, DC! 
Students apply directly to organizations and are responsible for securing an internship, but UCDC staff will meet with you to provide resources, discuss internship options and review application materials.

UCDC participants are eligible for paid, stipend, and academic credit-bearing internships.

Finding Internships in Washington, DC




  • Interested in UCDC but not sure where to start looking for internships?
  • Check out our Internships by Field of Interest page for opportunities grouped by field!
    • Fields of interest include business,
      communication, culture, government,
      international affairs, law, and more!
  • Check out our handy infographic on how to secure an internship!
    • (Research, prioritize, apply, follow-up, interview, selection)



Internship Application Resources