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UCDC Program Cost

Tuition and registration fees are the same as for a quarter on campus, but the cost of living in Washington,DC may be higher. All apartments at the UC Washington Center come with fully equipped kitchens, and students are responsible for all meal and food costs. Students are also responsible for round trip airfare, local transportation costs, sightseeing activities, books, professional clothing, and other personal expenses. Please refer to the UCDC Estimated Budget for a breakdown of expenses for each academic quarter.

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* International students should consult student business services for more information.
* For specific info on financial aid, students should contact the UCSD Financial Aid Office.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UCDC Program will be remote for the Summer 2021 quarters! The reopening of an in-person residential experience for future programs is regularly being evaluated but is planned to resume in Fall 2021.   

Financial Aid

Since you are considered a UCSD student during your time away, financial aid will apply to your quarter in DC. All accepted participants' names, along with the estimated budget, are submitted to the Financial Aid Office. Students can meet with the Financial Aid Office to discuss adjustment of their awards due to differences in living expenses.

Housing Cost 

All students who have been accepted to particiapte in the UC Washington Program (UCDC) must reside in and pay the housing fee. The UC Washington Center provides all the necessisties for living in Washington, DC for a quarter including furnished room, fully-equipped kitchen, and other accommodations. For more information, please visit the UC Washington Center Residential Life page.


For the academic year (Fall, Winter, or Spring) program, univeristy tuition fees are the same as a regular quarter on campus. For the summer term, please make an appointment to meet with the UCDC Coordinator, Jennifer Homrich, to review your summer enrollment options.


Airfare can vary widely. Be sure to purchase your tickets as early as possible.

Local Transportation

More than likely you will be using the metro to reach your internship site. Expect to spend around $50 bi-weekly for the metro just for getting to and from your internship site using hte metro. In addition, consider additional costs for speical trips you may take while in DC (taxi, bus, etc). 

Scholarship Opportunites

UCOP Presidential Public Service Fellowship

Students accepted into the UC Washington Center program may apply for this competitive fellowship that was established to support students who are interested in pursuing a career in public service.

Scholarships for Political Science Majors

There are multiple political science scholarships available each quarter funded by UCSD alumni and friends to help defray costs of attending UCDC. These awards are made based on financial need and overall academic performance. These scholarships are available on a rolling basis as long as donations remain available.

Science Policy Internship Program Fellowship (SPIP)

In cooperation with the University of California center in Washington D.C. (UCDC,, the National Science Foundation, and the American Chemical Society, a Science Policy Internship Program (SPIP) has been established.  Students enrolled in science, engineering, and mathematics majors are encouraged to apply to SPIP to experience how scientists and engineers play in an important role in national policymaking, government regulation, and other activities at the interface of science and public policy. This fellowship award is $1,500 to help defray travel and housing costs during the quarter spent at UCDC as part of SPIP.

Undergraduate Scholarship for Academic Internship Participants in Arts and Humanities

Undergraduate students with majors or minors in the Arts & Humanities who have secured an unpaid academic internship through the UC San Diego Academic Internship Program or UCDC may apply.

UCDC Need-Based Scholarships
Students selected for the UCDC program will be considered for scholarship funding made available through the Teaching + Learning Commons. Funding is offered based upon demonstrated financial need.