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earning academic credit in DC


  • Enroll in 12 units: During the academic year, students are full-time and enroll for a minimum of twelve units.
  • Financial Aid: All participants remain UCSD students, pay regular student service fees, and keep UCSD eligibility for financial aid. See program costs.
  • Course Options: Courses and descriptions are available here: UC Washington Center's website.
  • Major Credit: Students must check with their major department to apply credits toward their major.

How Do I Reach 12 Units?

  1. Internship Credit: AIP 197DC (Required, 8 or 10 units, Pass/No Pass)
    1. Internship and related assignments and responsibilities. The units are upper-division general elective credit; check with your academic department regarding application of credit toward your major. 
  2. Research Seminar Credit: POLI 194; COMM 194; USP 194; COGS 194; HITO 193; SOCE 194 (Required, 4 units, Graded or Pass/No Pass)
    1. Development and completion of an independent and significant research project under the supervision of UC faculty, and guided by a teaching assistant. Students from departments other than those listed above should contact their academic department to determine if this course will be counted toward their major.

Political Science Majors and Minors

Political Science majors or minors who participate in the UCDC program earn credit for the major or minor with the Research Seminar, POLI 194. The Internship Seminar, AIP 197DC, does not fulfill major or minor requirements. A UCDC elective may fulfill Political Science major or minor requirements, depending on which electives are being offered in a particular quarter.

Summer Quarter

  • Students participating during the summer term are not required to enroll in courses, but do have the option of enrolling in AIP 197 if they wish to receive academic credit for their internship. During the summer AIP 197 can be taken for 2, 4, 8 or 12 units.
  • Summer session fees apply for all courses. Students hoping to receive financial aid during the summer should connect with the Financial Aid office regarding their personal aid package. Receipt of financial aid for the summer term typically requires enrollment in a minimum of eight units.